Title: KingdomCome
Creator: mavet
Genre: Slice of life/Spiritual/Shoujo
Rating: PG 13+ [censored swearing, no gory violence, no nudity]

This is my debut manga project, which begun in 2003, went through a major revamp in 2005, went into hiatus in 2010 and resumes the race in 2011 towards the end. The inspiration came from a random thought: "What would happen if a popular and successful music celebrity had the Christian calling and gave it all up?"

Kim Yong is at the peak of his career as a member of Berserk, the No. 1 teen popstar band in the nation. Everyone loves and screams for Berserk. There is glamour, wealth and fame everywhere. But is this -it-? Is this what life is all about? One day, Kim finds himself divided between his glamorous lifestyle and a divine calling. He takes an unexpected step to seek what's missing inside his soul... whatever the cost may be.

Time to revise and to carry this through to a proper end. =)

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Well, everyone's got to start somewhere.

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